Motobecane spark problem

I have an old motobecane cady, but it do'snt give me a good spark. I have start the moto before ( and it was fast ! ), but it did'nt run more than 5 minutes and die. My carb is clean and nice, gas go the motor haed. But my spark is more yellow than bright blue ( at least I have one ) , what this could be? the coil? How to be sure it's the coil?

Thank you in advance

Jordi Laforotune

Re: Motobecane spark problem

I've wondered about this myself. How can you be sure it's the coil besides simply replacing the coil? I'm not sure if there is a better way or not.

The Motobecane repair guide under "No Spark" suggests the following steps:

a) faulty spark plug

b) faulty radio suppressor (spark plug cover)

c) faulty high tension coil

d) faulty ignition points and condenser

e) Ignition points not opening

f) grounding wire inside the magneto

g) magneto wiring harness burnt or broken behind the engine

h) poor magnetism present in rotor

i) faulty exciter coil inside magneto

j) black wire from magneto broken or disconnected *(6V)

Hopfully that is of some help.


Re: Motobecane spark problem

Matt Lorence /

Probably "D". Check your points, if they are pitted, or really thin from wear, replace them. Make sure they are gapped correctly too. If this doesnt help, get a new condensor. Coil's rarely go bad.

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