soooo Don-Oh ... how many miles ?

How many miles HAVE you put on so far this year ?

.. and how many would you guess you will have by the end of the year ??

Re: soooo Don-Oh ... how many miles ?

... cough cough ...

Re: soooo Don-Oh ... how many miles ?

Well,Fred,I have been riding,up `til the last coupla' weeks at a rate of about 300 miles a week. The last 2 weeks I have slowed down considerably due to that blasted fly-side seal and other impedances. Some weeks I do more than 300 miles, but some less. I have that one week where i work 6 12 hr.shifts on 6 days(Fri,sat,Sun,AM then to Mon,Tues,Wed,PM and it usually KILLS my riding time.Ha! I would feel comfortable in saying that a conservative estimate would be at least 275 mi. per week since last April or so,and it will probably decrease to 150 a week after November in Ohio winters. I guess i should keep a log,anyway. I went for an evening jaunt yesterday of 84 miles,and it as really great! Now i am beginning to trust the Sebring again. the flyside seal really threw me,Fred! (I had lost faith in the electrical system of my bike)I didn't have access to ask the experts about it on this forum,and i would definitely have inquired from you personally about it. I took Ron's advice and checked the components(coil and condenser,etc.)and it was tHEN that i saw the flyside seal dangling behind the stator plate. I am writing from a `dinosaur' pc that my 22 yr.old boy gave me yesterday, and I'm using a borrowed keyboard at that! Ha! Thanks for asking! I heard you are taking some long trips? that is fantastic! Always great to talk to the guy that wrote the premier moped troubleshooting guide! See ya! don-ohio (:^)

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