new england summer trips

i'm looking for a couple of people in the boston area who would like to go on a couple of weekend moped trips this summer. maybe from boston to provincetown (about 250 miles) and maybe to the berkshires... who knows. i'm open to suggestions-all i really want to do is ride. any takers or suggestions?

Re: new england summer trips

gimmiejimmie /

I sure would like to ride with you, but you're to far north from me.

How bout it, any of you "baked beaners" want to ride with this honey? step up and let her know.

Re: new england summer trips

thanks, gimmiejimmie... it really sucks being one of the few mopeders around here. maybe i should relocate.


Re: new england summer trips

Ron Brown /


Head for Kalamazoo, MI. I hear there's a swarm.


Re: new england summer trips

i can prolly manage to join you for a ride sometime in may/june possibly just for a weekend (i'll most likely have to work a lot as i am leaving for indonesia around july 1 or so). are you the only moped rider in your area? what kind of moped do you have and is it that reliable? lemme know any details you know of what ya wanna do, email or forum post is fine. ya.


-moped army-

Re: new england summer trips

sounds good... where do you live?

i have a 1980 honda express and it's in pretty good condition... who knows where or when it will break down but that's part of the fun, i guess.

yeah, i think there may be only one or two other moped riders around here. so sad.


Re: new england summer trips

Ride even alone as much as possible. Mopeds might come out of the woodwork. Or just talk it up and ride it around your friends. Then they'll want one, too. Then you can ride around together. ;-)

But I hope you can find some riders ...

Oh, and yes, Kalamazoo, MI does SWARM w/ mopeds. ;-)

Re: new england summer trips

I recently received a 1980 Honda Express.

I can get it to run but only on ether.

The fuel pump os not pumping the gas to the

carb. Any suggestions for a quick & cheap fix???

Can I get parts for it?? Do you have any

pictures??? Please e-mail them to me. I don't know where

the gas tank goes!!

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