Suzuki parts compatability

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I was looking around the site and saw a 60cc cylinder kit for a suzuki ap50 (a50 if without pedals) that looks similar to an FA50 cylinder.

Does anyone know if they are interchangeable ?

Thanks, Justin in NZ

Re: Suzuki parts compatability

what web site was that

Re: Suzuki parts compatability

i noticed that too, unfortunately, i dont have an answer for you, though.


Re: Suzuki parts compatability

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Ok, I think I've found something much more likely.. :)

I was searching around and found photos of the FZ50 which has a motor very much like the FA. A quick google search for FZs and I found theres a Danish site which has a few performance parts for the FZ50. 45mm big-bore, carbonfibre reed valves and 16mm carb.

I'll try a bit more research, but this looks promising.

Re: Suzuki parts compatability

Bumping a super old thread, anyone know the answer?

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