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Just to let everyone know what's up with my 1982 Suzuiki FA50 ped...I had the seat re-upholstered with leather that I salvaged from a couch being thrown away, they did a nice job, and even salvaged the original material and instead of having the "Suzuki" on both sides, it just has it on the back. The other night I tried starting it, wouldn't start, sounded like it wasn't getting any spark, so I just changed the plug and it runs a lot smoother now, however top speed is still around 24mph. I plan on cleaning the carburator out again...need some info...can I get a carburator that will make the ped perform better (more power and speed), if so, what should I be looking for. What is the correct spark plug I should be using for optimal performance. Do they make 65cc kits for my ped, or any kind of kit to make it perform better, if not, what should I do with the engine, where can I get these parts from, and what are they called. Tires...any place cheap online I could get them, as well as a new rear tube, has a small leak, that needs to have the tire inflated every 3 days or so. Any performance mufflers for it, if so, where can I get them? Exhaust port, I cleaned it somewhat, any ideas on how I could clean it better? Also, I've been reading that the more exhaust that leaves the engine, the better it will run, can I make the port bigger without doing anything else to the engine, possibly filing it slightly larger, or would that just make it worse? Also, I want to take the back of the engine off, I have been able to take the front of it, (the 4 bolts) but only half of it comes does the rest come off? Also, where can I get a schematic of my bike, the engine and everything? Sorry for all the questions, but they've been buggin me, and if I didn't ask them now, I would probably forget. Thanks again everyone, It's so much fun to work on a moped then have the pride and joy of driving it around, and saying that you fixed made it run. I might invest into a digital camera, so I can post some pictures for everyone...any recommendations on a good one, around $300?

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Emmit Fitz-Hume /

YOu could try to get a dirt bike muffler and exaust.

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I have never heard of a stock FA50 going over 25....Restrictive everything...

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Crisis wrote:


> I have never heard of a stock FA50 going over

> 25....Restrictive everything...

Well now wait a minute .. mine is stock .. and it does 32mph all the time .. and I have read reports of people here that have had them do 36.

mine was doing 35 and 36 yesterday .. but since that 'mystery seize' last time .. I always notch it back after a short time at 35 or 36 ... or I stab the choke at top speed to feed it some raw gas to cool it a bit.

I DO NOT know why there are such diff's between the various FA's... (some do 25 .. some 27 .. mine does 32 .. others 36 .. Ree had one that did 36)

greg .. I am going to answer some of your questions a bit later.

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Which one am I thinking of? I am thinking of a differnt moped. Oops.

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There is a guy who has the partsmanuals for the szuki mopedss . search FA 50 moped or something thats how ifound them

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FA50's are weird. they are either great or lemons.

I would have the latter. It runs okay, but not very quickly.


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What does it mean when you engin seizes

help me im confused

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