1979 Sachs 'Lover' - What engine ?

G'Day from Brisneyland !

I just bought a 1979 Sachs 'Lover' from a local guy on eBay. I haven't picked it up yet but he didn't know anything about it and as it has previously been stripped back there isn't even any stickers on the tank so I had no idea what the model was ... until now. I now know that it's a 'Lover' thanks to the following pic I found on this site: http://www.mopedarmy.com/photos/brand/38/554/ Mine's red though because it goes faster (especially down hills it seems due to the brakes not working ;)

It's a strange model name to say the least but does anyone know anything about it ? I've searched and searched on the 'net but can't find anything. I suppose I really just need to know what model engine it uses and if other consumables like brake pads can be used from other model Sachs bikes ?! I'm guessing so but would love some advice.

I collect it in a couple of weeks at which time I'll be able to look more closely at the ID plate to (hopefully) get more info.

Thanks !

Re: 1979 Sachs 'Lover' - What engine ?

its faster because it's red?

Re: 1979 Sachs 'Lover' - What engine ?

Of course ! Are you seriously questioning me ?!

(Tongue in cheek)

Re: 1979 Sachs 'Lover' - What engine ?

I cant find any info on it. And I cant tell from the pic. What parts do you need? Do you have pics of the one you are getting?

Re: 1979 Sachs 'Lover' - What engine ?

Thanks for the reply Triumph. Yep, here's a pic of the one I just bought. Nice eh ;)

I haven't got it yet so I don't know exactly what I need ... apart from a new seat of course. All the guy could tell me is that the brakes don't work but it starts and runs OK. I got it at a pretty low price so I'm not too fussed if it's only worth scrapping.

This seems to be a rare model Sachs moped and with a model name of 'Lover' it's no wonder ;) All the other Sachs mopeds I've seen have a few differences to this but a couple of the big differences with this model include the fully welded luggage rack as opposed to the 'bolt-on' type of the typical model plus this has a saddle type fuel tank over the frame instead of the 'built-in' tank like the others and like the one on my Motobecane Mobylette.

It's missing lots of original 'bling' like the side covers however I'm only really interested in getting it running nicely at this stage and that includes those all important brakes :) I'm surprised it's still got all its lights, my Mobylette came with none !

Any help would be appreciated but if not that's fine as I'll be sure to post more details on it once I've collected it and looked over it properly.



Re: 1979 Sachs 'Lover' - What engine ?

mikey likes it /

you would think with a name like "lover" they would at least put a long seat on it so you could ride doubles

Re: 1979 Sachs 'Lover' - What engine ?


Re: 1979 Sachs 'Lover' - What engine ?

I like the way 'lover' is in 'half quotes' like it's a 'dirty word'. That bike looks like the the loving wasn't consensual or reciprocated. Time for tough love.

Re: 1979 Sachs 'Lover' - What engine ?

Just picked it up yesterday and managed to find the plate on the engine.

It's a Sachs 505 1A and although Sachs did release this as the 'Lover' model it seems to have been also sold under the 'General' brand as a '5 Star ST'.

With all this info I've now managed to make up a parts list and find most of it online. I also found the General 5 Star ST repair manual detailing this exact engine so now I'm set :)

Thanks for your help anyway.

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