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First let me say that I've never messed with a Tomos ignition, so I might make a mistake here.

The holes in flywheels are small.. but I've never seen one that you couldn't clean the points thru like my instructions say. I do it all the time.

Next.. You CAN"T set the timing with the flywheel off.. It has to be on.

If you have your heart set on removing the flywheel, a gear puller might work.. or a "Pitman arm puller" has worked for me.

(but I wouldn't remove it, its not necessary)

You do not need a press of any sort to reinstall one.. the flywheel nut pulls it tight..that's all.. make sure the key is seated correctly before you tighten the nut.


Performance improvement by changing timing ????????

Don't be fooled into thinking that changing timing is a "magic bullet" for a lot more performance.

Quite often the manufacturer knows best.

You should understand that most mopeds have fixed ignition timing, which is a compromise between easy starting/low speed running and high speed running.

Which is why CDI's can be better, because they automatically advance and retard timing to suit RPM.

So if you want to "advance" it you can use the method I describe for timing to the F mark, only go a little farther and set the timing so that the points open BEFORE the F mark lines up with the case mark.. That will advance the timing. Don't go far.. just a little.

You might gain a little more on top end, but it might be a little harder to start and low speed running might not be the same.

The other thing is... is you advance the timing too could melt a hole in the top of the piston while running it if you hear ANYTHING unusual after you advance it (like pinging)..SHUT IT DOWN AND LET IT COOL then ride it home gently and check things out.

If you blow it up.. don't blame anybody here.

I think you are safer by buying a pipe and leaving the timing set correctly.

This single post is part of a larger thread. Start from the top or view this post in context.
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