What kind

What kind of moped do u have?

Re: What kind(s)

A '79 Vespa Grande, '74 Ciao, two Solexes: a '77 4600 and a '70 3800.

Everything runs but the Ciao, and that one will eventually.

That's enough for now...


Re: What kind(s)

i got a fast 1992 tomos targa. bi-turbo.

Re: What kind(s)

5-78 AMF ROADMASTERS, 2-80 AMF ROADMASTERS, 1-TRAC, 1-93 TOMOS T.T.A35,1-94 Tomos T.T.A35, 1-94 Tomas T.T. NO Motor, 1-Murray Motorized Bike 49cc 2hp glad when the weather breaks to work on them some. Doug in Va.

Re: What kind(s)

Reeperette /

You name it, I prolly rode it...kickin a Maxed out Tomos Targa TT LX right now, however.


Re: What kind

stonnerdog /

i have a 77 puch newport and fixing to have a 79 vespa ciao

Re: What kind

A beautiful and tough royal blue 1977 Bianchi Snark Eagle. Her name is "Lucia."

Re: What kind

Snazzy Razzy Mazzy /

I've got a 1974 Batavus Bronco.

Re: What kind

A 1984 Garelli Super Sport XL, my best and only running bike. i also have 2 jawa's

one is an 81 x-series (I-Think) ,the other jawa is a 210 the last year that they made the 210. i dunno what year it is?! If anyone knows any info on the jawas or the garelli e-mail me!!



Scott H

Re: What kind

Simon King /

3 Motobecane Moby's - 2 are 1980 metallic orange colored, and 1 is a 1978 dark red. i love 'em.

Re: What kind Tomos Targaxl

I have a 2000 Tomos, bought it a month ago. I work in the nursing field and use this bike to commute 28 km a day. Also use it for town and city trips. It runs great, its blue with a fancy black truck with lights on the back. As stock it aver. 55km/hr and can reach 60km/hr. on the flat. 15000km as of my first month on it, only minor problems with the pedal. In our prov. Ontario you have to be able to pedal it. They don,t give a dam about the lights and signals. Thats Ontario Canada for you. Safe Mopeding all!

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