Moped encounters this past week

david f martin /

Well, not TECHNICALLY mopeds...

Saturday evening, while hauling all those VW parts (and a guitar and amp), I caught up with a feller driving the exact same bike I drive, an '87 Honda Elite 50S. A one year only bike. Except, he had saddle boxes and a windshield.

"What year is it?" I asked him, as I rode alongside him.

"87!" he shouted. He turned off on a side road, and I kept going on the main road.

Pretty cool. I need to catch up with him again. Maybe I can help him get his bike to go a little faster...

There's this chick that drives this moped past where I work occasionally, and I never got a good enough look to see what she was driving (and if she was attractive from less than a distance).

On my way home from work this evening, I was lucky enough to catch up to her. I saw the Yamaha badge, but I still couldn't identify the bike...

"Is that a 2-speed?" I asked, as I rode in the lane beside her.

"Yes," she replied. "How fast are we going?"

"About 30," I answered.

"That's pretty good!" she said. As she turned off, she said, "It's a Yamaha Towny." And, she was attractive, close up. Too bad I didn't get a look at her left hand...

Maybe next time.


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