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Did u know the suzuki Fa50 is an street legal Dirt Bike.

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links or pics please? sounds like a sweet ride--out of production?

I'm guessing it's not made....I should check the photo database, I bet one's in there

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U R Stewpid /

you are an idiot

an FA50 is obviously a spaceship

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hey mike, ignore this fool


there's the M.A. online pic of an 85 or an 83.... don't look much like a dirtbike.

maybe in later production runs they beefed up the shocks and treads?

could be you're thinking of a different bike, but if not, I'd like to see the ones you're mentioning. I like the little monkey bikes.

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The FA-50 is about as close to being a dirt bike as a Harley Fat Boy is to being a moped!

I don`t think you are stupid, just misinformed.


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hey, a ke-100 is a street legal dirt bike:) 2-stroke too

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Just get a YZ125 and put lights and blinkers on it...

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Matt Lorence /

or a 1976 Hodaka 125 Wombat, it already has the lights, horn and turn signals, AND its an all around sweet ass bike.

Re: I saw where they

made a golf ball picker-upper out of a Porsche.

I'm sure that high performance suspension is being put to great use on the greens.


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Hey, i never said there is no such thing as sreet legal dirt bike! I just said a Suzuki FA-50 ain`t one of`em!!

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Re: Did u know

silencer...cant forget that. they need em here

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