more CRAZY euro-peds

Really nice pictures on this site- check it out, under mofas and galleries.

Tons of those racer-looking peds- mostly Vespa, and Puch.

Plus it looks like they sell parts too.

how do we get CRAZY euro-peds?

If there's ONE good reason to leave the USA, I can come up with it.

Yes-- -perhaps move to holland or something.... buy some very cool mopeds.

I wonder how a grass roots group like us could actually affect import laws. Maybe it's a longshot. But, what if they started selling some of those sweet rides.

Or, people who know ways around the rules.... get it imported as an off-road private land vehicle, then maybe get a vin from an old moped.

There's GOTTA be a way to get 'illegal' bikes into the country. Once they're in, you gotta get some kind of registration. I bet in maine, with no title, I might be able to pull it off.

Any ideas?

Re: how do we get CRAZY euro-peds?

I don't know- I've been having a hard enough time registering the legal US ones.

I had to get a bonded title for the Sachs, and my Kinetic--- Get this--- the VIN has 18digits, and legally it's supposed to have 17! at least according to the tax office.

If the guy I got it from would actually awnser his cell phone, and dig up the paperwork, I'd be having a much easier time. He even pulled the bad fake chinese accent "no, no josh here" last time I called.

Re: more CRAZY euro-peds

cool site....i wish i knew more than just swears in german. what was that weird yellow thing on the front site??

Re: more CRAZY euro-peds

Just import them to a states that has a coast and doens't require them to be registered... Like here in good Ole GA.

We hav e ahuge port... Savanah Gerogia.. I am sure you could import the hell out of them here.....

And probly you could do up to so many for personal use each time before anyone would even care or question you.

Here in georgia. . . they aren't regulated so why would it be considered illegal?

Re: more CRAZY euro-peds

of what about importing them in without the motor mounted

... you could probly have the frame just mailed here pretty easily.... then in anouther crate on the next day just ship the engine in.

Anyone know where to get one of these?

I would like to get one of these cross bars for my 94 tomos sprint. Anyone ever seen these available stateside or on the net??? Check the attach


more CRAZY euro-peds

Wow .. those are some of the wildest mopeds I've seen.

Lot of 60mph peds there.

They are mostly Puch Maxi's and Piaggio Ciaos

(did they originally come with pedals? .. they look like the pedals have beemn removed)

Puch Maxi

<img src="">

Piaggio Ciao

<img src="">

As far as the cross-bara are concerned .. they would be pretty easy to weld on.

.. a little more difficult to weld on some bolting tabs if you wanted it removable.

Re: more CRAZY euro-peds

I just want those 2.75x16 michelins I found in the parts section...bigger than stock for my bike, but not so big I'd have to modify my suspension to make 'em fit...

Re: more CRAZY euro-peds

what good would that bar be other then knocking you in the nuts? and those peds are insane ugly as shit.. whya mountian bike hand grip? anyways.. im trying to make my bike look good.. not like I couoldn't get the right parts so i used some crap ass old bicycle.

Re: more CRAZY euro-peds

I Like them a lot.

I also have mountain bike grips on my ped, because I don't like the hard old 70's things that were on mine. I think the bar would help to eliminate some of the flex in the weaker frames. I know I'd like to have it there, just to have some thing to lean my knee on in corners. I figured that I'd attach it to the seat post bolt and then figure a way to bolt it on the head tube- maybe under or around the bearing race.

Re: more CRAZY euro-peds

chuck risso va /

most of them are extreamly ugly but some of the race bikes, like the yelow one fred posted are sweet, think alot of the maxi's with those huge ass handlebars are so ugly, and alot of the chrome plastic is ugly

mag wheels and wild exhausts

All those mag wheels hurt my eyes! I'm not a fan. : )

But wow, that is a crazy amount of 65-85cc bikes. There are some cool exhausts, like the Proma "Low Boy" which is fat, and of course, low. Also, there is a "Moronini"? that sticks way up in the air.

I"m attaching the picture of the Puch where it looks like someone bent the hell out of a Proma Circuit to get it to go back the right side, instead of the left.

Awesome stuff, mbartell, thanks for the link.


Re: mag wheels and wild exhausts

chuck risso va /

yeah they had to cut and re-weld the exhuast, its tight looking,

anyone who wants the link to buy that cross bar thing here is the info under the puch parts

211112 Rahmenverst

Re: more CRAZY euro-peds

chuck risso va /

that yellow maxi is one of the sweetest peds i have ever seen, i have seen it a few other times on various sites,

that ped is so night and had a 80cc i think, but look at the shitty pluge wire and cap, he should upgrade it to a thicker one

Re: more CRAZY euro-peds

Matt Wilson /

I'm wondering how they got 80cc on there....

When I put the 70cc kit on my puch there was barely any room between the cylinder skirt and the cylinder studs. The cylinder skirt was only like 3 or 4 mil thick

Maybe they are changing the stroke?

Re: more CRAZY euro-peds

chuck risso va /

i am pretty sure for anything abouve 80cc u have to modify the block, well at least on project76puch he said he modified the block to fit the 80 kit on it, so maybe he retapped it to move the studs

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