SUZUKI FA 50 HELP, PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hey, i DESPERATLY need info on Suzuki FA 50 scooters. Can i find parts anywhere? Are they good? Is one with 1,700 miles, runs great, a good deal for $275?



The parts are in Ree's front yard.

Did you read the other answers he gave you?

Here is what I know.

A neighbor bought one for $300..he says it's OK.

I rode next to it.. and it was the same performance as my modified PA-50 (almost)

slow acceleration, and a top speed of 28 or 29mph.

Ree says they have a high top speed.. and another person I talked to says they were one of the fastest (top speed).

Ree says his had reliability and design problems.. Suzuki motorcycles of that era generally had good relibility and strong design.

Re: SUZUKI FA 50 HELP, PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Mine has 1600 miles on it and still starts up first kick. But I only bought mine for 35$ from my friend!!!!!

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