whos watching football?

anyone watching tonight?

Im playing ultima online and watchin...i know you guys post alot about the mopeds and seem to lurke around this site.. hell I do.. but what other stuff do you look at read and do on the net.

Okay I already know 95% is porn.. but what about those other things? HAHA j/k

I play alot of online games.... read some rotten.com for shits and giggles and lurke this site... I check back every few minutes.. I have my tv set up about 2 foot to the right of my monitor so I can do both at once.. or atleast listen to the news or somehting while i screw around.. I have found television is far over rated and albiet I do like a few shows

(most are the old ones from the 70's and 80's) I just don't get much from it.. rather be on this damn computer by far.. to bad it doesn't have a remote and I could lay my as sin bed and use it.... (web tv don't count.. haha)

I woner if someone could invent a flat screen computer that wall mounts near a bed and swings like one of thos reading lights and the cpu be slimer then a stadard box for under your bed that would be semi cool..


Re: whos watching football?



(god and devil show)

campchaos.com (nutty's nipple clamps is my FAVORITE cartoon)

Re: whos watching football?

what about a laptop?

Re: whos watching football?

have to strain to see it.. bump dat.. im used to my 21 inch

Re: whos watching football?

peashooter /

you play CS? or DoD

football = life

GO ATHOL RAIDERS!!!! and the patriots....cant forget them

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