need Peugeot 103 carb and help!

Hi- well I found this list today having just found a rather nice Peogeot 103sp in the garbage last night!- it looks to be all there except the chain guards and the carburator - it looks like someone had taken it off and either given up or lost it......can you fit a aftermearket (more readily available) carburator? any help with this is welcome....

Also did these things ever have batteries? and does anyone know of online manuals?............

thanks in advance, am looking forward to getting it running!

Re: need Peugeot 103 carb and help!

Peter no the peugeots do not have batties...

2ndly the carberators are complete shit and every puegeto i have seen has some sort of carb problem.. try getting a

bing or dellorto carb instead.

There isn't really chain guards on teh 103 I do not belive.. there is however a belt cover? and engine panels?

I wish I could find a moped int eh trash like everyone else.. especial like a peugeot my favorite kind... anyways.. I need to get a carb too for mine I have a 78 peugeot 102 sport

ther not much as far as manuals are concerend other then clymers.. you can get one from as well as a good bit of peugot crap.. if you want the originaly kind of carberator it is called a Gurtner.

Re: need Peugeot 103 carb and help!

Matt Wilson /

Hey Peter,

I just posted a complete gurtner carb on ebay.

Go here.... it'll be a lot cheaper than new.


Re: need Peugeot 103 carb and help!

Matt Wilson /

Here are a few scans of the manual.

Re: need Peugeot 103 carb and help!

matt you can get a brand new one without the air box from warehouse for 65 bucks with free shipping...

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