puch magnum exhaust...(taking apart)

So i want to clean the exhaust of my puch magnum xk...

the guy at mopedwarehouse said it was a pretty decent exhaust and with a few added holes it is the best pipe you can get for the magnum... (this seems confirmed by Brian's post a while back)

my problem is... i cant figure out how to take the exhaust appart.

i can get it off the bike... and i can take the part that mounts to the engine off... thus leaving me /w 2 pieces (one skinny long one that goes all the way to the engine) and the other large back piece...

on the phone, the guy said something about removing a simple screw and the back part comming apart... nope.. no such luck? it seems like the only place on the back part that comes appart is near the end of the entire pipe.... but its definitly on there solidly... i didnt want to try to seperate it, in case i was mistaken... there is a little rust around that rim...

but i'm still assuming this is where i need to open the back of the pipe up... right?

any help would be appreciated



Re: puch magnum exhaust...(taking apart)

look into the hole where the exhaust comes out, and there should be a 10mm nut all full of black crap.

Paul L

Re: puch magnum exhaust...(taking apart)

oh really? huh.. didnt see it but i'll give it a look in the morning... so just undo that nut and the back end just pops off? or is it a twist off sort of thing?



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