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Just 'cause I'm nosey - who is this, with the cool o'l Polaroid in this picture?

I've got a collection of them and old SX-70's too.

Polaroids are a lot like mopeds in a way- popular in the 70's, really cult-ish now, and you'd be surprised how many are sitting around forgotten.

Re: Don't know, but

Up to a few years ago, you could find the "Swinger" at second hand stores out here for about 5 bucks max.


Re: Don't know, but

Dan Webber Kastner /

her name is leslie.


Re: Don't know, but

Yup, Jim- you can still find them for that much, around here too. I have one, and it's probably one of the coolest ones you can find. The problem is that the original swingers used a roll-film that is long gone.

I was surprised that you can get most pack film still, and there is even one that will give you a B&W print and negative.

I want to try the Polaroid transfers- they look really fun, and damn creepy.

I figure there must be someone else buying them up lately- They tend to dissapear if I don't get them.

Thanks, Dan-Now I have someone to introduce myself too at the next BBQ.

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