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I've never owned a moped before and i'm considering buying one. The one i'm looking at is a mineralli morton. I was wondering what everyone thought about this moped manufacturer? Does anyone own one and is it easy to get parts for it? I'd appreciate it much if you could contribute anything to decision.

P.S. How bad is it if the carb is leaking and is there any way to fix that without buying a new one?

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I have only heard great things about the Minarelli engine.. If the carb leaks, it probably just needs a new gasket set....They use dellorto carbs, which are easy to work on. It is really easy to get parts for minarelli engines, as well as parts for the dellorto carbs.

Re: ? about Mineralli mopeds

Has anybody else heard aything about minarelli or had one?

Re: ? about Mineralli mopeds

There are many members of the Moped Army who rave about Minarelli engines. Evidently they have good cause to do so. I don't know much about any moped but my own, but I have had very little difficulty working on its Minarelli engine, nor have I had trouble obtaining parts at a reasonable price.

The leak is almost certainly fixable. At the very worst, you could replace the entire Dell'Orto carb for a relatively modest investment. My carb was leaking as well, but I replaced it because I wanted to install a larger one ($15 for a rebuilt). The leak would have been easy to fix had I wanted to do so.

I don't know anything about the Minarelli MOPED brand, but I imagine it's got many of the same generic components worn by many Italian machines, which means you should be fine. And the engine is standard fare in mopedland.

If you purchase this bike and have problems with it, it's because you got a worn out or neglected piece of equipment, not because you made a faulty decision regarding brand. If it runs well, go for it.

Re: ? about Mineralli mopeds

damn... i was thinking about getting that samw bike.. ebay has some goods ones going on.. that minerilli looks very good shape.

Re: ? about Mineralli mopeds

hello all, new person here, but i do own a 1985 minarelli mzv. it is a great moped and has some bi-turbo like exhaust on it. the best part was that my neighbor was going to junk it but gave it to me for free! anyways all i had to do was spray some carb cleaner in the carb, change the oil, and inflate the tires and man does it go. i plan a 70cc kit, 16 dellorto, new ignition, and etc.

my fiance has a honda c70 and she loves to ride with me


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