gonna ride before work if......

.......I can swing it. I am sorry i can't enjoy this great forum and you people's comments ALL the time. I am at the Library right now,but i gotta go. I just checked outy the Sebring and de-carbonized the exhaust again(even though it seemed clear enough)and i hope to get a pretty good 50 or 60 mi. ride in shortly. It's great to talk at you guys/gals again today! See ya! don-ohio (:^)

Re: gonna ride before work if......


This is out of nowhere for you, but someone suggested I contact you about my '87 Motomarina Sebring which I'm fixing up.

I've had it for a while, but only ridden it a few times. The transmission seems to slip (the engine has decent power, but it won't go up hills). Somebody suggested I change the trans fluid, and when I started to drain it, there was a clear fluid, almost looked like brake fluid in the transmission.

Anyway, my question is what kind of fluid or oil (and how much) am I supposed to put in the transmission? What's in there now doesn't seem right.

Oh, I think this is the Morini engine, if that helps.


Re: gonna ride before work if......

clear fluid!! uh oh

I'd email Don-O if I were you, to make sure he gets it. Or just start a new thread.

I have no idea.

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