um. what should i do?

well about a month ago i took a spill on my moped and went slidding down the street @ 45 mph. i lost control becuz of a car than had cut me off. well ive been wanting to get my moped running again but am having trouble. it sounds like there is like a gap when i start it or sumthing please let me know. thanks-Jon

Re: um. what should i do?

need more details, like what kind of gap?

Re: um. what should i do?

you need to provide more details ... what kind of moped? what sound does it make starting up? do you have spark? do you have compression? what condition is the carb in?

go to <a href=>fred's guide</a> and start troubleshooting.

Re: um. what should i do?

well the gap was between the pipe and the cyl. so i put a new pipe on. now when i ride it feels like it clogs up and everything, when i give it gas sounds like it is going to stall than i hafta slow down a lot. its a 95' tomos ttyl...the carb is really new. i replaced it when i bought the moped. umm...

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