Passed my Motorcycle Course!

I passed my NJ Motorcycle Safety Course today! I can now get a waiver for the NJ Motorcycle Road Test. I'll have my NJ Motorcycle license at 0800 hours tomorrow morning.

This was a grueling two day course....10 hours per day. It was much more difficult than I had anticipated. Three of the 12 people in my class failed. This course cost $175, so you don't want to fail.

I will continue driving my mopeds in addition to my Honda Elite 250. There's something about driving 25-35 mph that will always appeal to me.


Re: Passed my Motorcycle Course!


There's no substitute for the "official" word. I'm sure you learned stuff you neveer had considered before as being important.

Abide by it all and don't get careless, and you should be as safe as you can be.

Now about the OTHER drivers on the road...


Re: Passed my Motorcycle Course!

david f martin /

Maybe if EVERYONE had to take such a grueling course to get a license, we'd have less idiots on the road.


Re: Passed my Motorcycle Course!

good job...cant wait till i can take mine

Re: Passed my Motorcycle Course!

I really learned a lot of useful techniques and maneuvers that I never knew. I also learned how to shift a regular motorcycle. I've been driving stickshift cars for 20 years, but I never realized how much different it is to shift a motorcycle. On mopeds and scooters, I've gotten used to just twisting the throttle to go and applying the hand brakes to stop. When you throw shifting into the equation, it's a different beast

altogether. At least now I won't be intimdated by regular motorcycles anymore.

I would highly recommend this course to anyone who has an opportunity to take one. It's intense, but I feel a hec of a lot more confident now than I ever did before the course.

Congratulations Larry

Good Job Larry, that's good news.

My son is going to take his soon. It is only $75 in California. The state thinks it is important for bikers under 18 so they subsidize the course. Motorcycle fatalities for riders under 18 has declined 91% since the program started.

Re: Congratulations Larry


NJ DMV offers a 2 1/2 day motorcycle safety course for no charge, but it is very difficult to get into and they only hold the course at 2 places in south Jersey (way down south). The state run courses are booked up until next spring. The private courses book up 3 months in advance. I was lucky to get in due to a cancellation.

I'm just glad it's over. I feel like I was run over by a truck. I'll sleep good tonight!

Thanks again!


Re: Passed my Motorcycle Course!

gimmyjimmy /

Way to go Larry!

You are now an offical card carrying member of the motorcycle community, enjoy the reduced insurance rates.

ride on.

Re: Passed my Motorcycle Course!

Thanks! I got my license this morning and took my first legal ride. It felt great!

Thanks again!


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