clogged jet

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stonnerdog /

try gettting a small in line fuel filter you can get them at any filter store. the one i got cost 1.79

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Ron Brown /

What is it clogged with?

If it clogs up this quickly, you will most likely clog a filter quickly as well.

You probably need to clean and flush the gas tank. How you do this depends on what kind of unwanted substance you have.

Even water will clog a jet, so check for that too.

You should be able to disconnect the gas line from the carb and run some gas into a glass, let it settle and see what is in there.

Good luck,


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Thanks I

Gas treatment.

Try putting 2 capfulls of gas treatment (in a plastic bottle from a gas station) into a full fuel tank.

It will dissolve and soak up some of the strange stuff that dosesn't act like gas.

Use one capfull per tank after that.

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Doug Davidson /

THE ONLY TIME I HAVE SEEN GAS TURN WHITE<IS WHEN ALCOHOL HAS BEEN ADDED TO IT. BLACK STUFF IN A TANK OR FILTER NORMALLY IS FROM GAS STANDING A LONG TIME, saw a lot of it in tanks on cars being restored. Must have got a gallon out of a tank on a 59 Ford Retractable tar..Doug D.

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Reeperette /

That stuff might also be low grade motor oil.

Do you buy gas from a Citgo station ?

I've had some problems with that, some of the less reputable ones will add low grade motor oil to thier gasoline to 'stretch' how much they can sell, and they do this on the assumption that car owners will attribute the rough running to something else - only, with a moped, the problem comes quicker and harder.

This happened once with my Bullet, and I couldn't figure what it would be either, problem was identical, and I did purchase a fuel filter, as well as had very similar (if not exact!) symptoms.

It was by luck they caught the station owner, and aired it on the news...and I did put 2+2 together with my particular fuel problem, since I was buying gas there.

Try flushing the tank and buying gas somewhere else.


Re: clogged jet

Went for a ride with Miguel tonight and my ped died on me 4 times. I think I let the gas sit to long. Same tank since November, got it from Dairy Mart. I think it

Re: Fuel filters

When installing a fuel filter, try to get it located at a "low point" below the carb's fuel inlet. This assures that any water or crud that stops in the filter stays there as it's harder for the heavier stuff to flow uphill to your carb.

Putting a filter straight down on the line allows all the fine stuff the filter can't catch to go right thru.

Think of the "P-trap" under a sink. It does the same thing when it plugs up. Heavy crap won't flow up to the drain pipe.

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Ron Brown /


Don't be be offended, but when your ped quits, have you tried ignoring it for as long as it would take to clean the jet, then trying to re-start it.

I realize that no one with any sense would keep doing this when it wasn't really the problem (me too!).

The fact that you have a filter makes me think that a plugged jet is unlikely.

If the ped starts, 3 month old gas is unlikely to be a problem.


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i talked to the gas station guy and he says that 3 month old gas will start a vehicle but it will clog it very quickly. you see after 2 1/2 months the gas starts to turn into varnish.after 3 months its mostly varnish. the moral of the story is get new gas and use it within a month.

p.s. plz read and try to answer my question about timing.


Re: clogged jet

Nope haven

Re: Gas treatment.

2 capfuls!! i used to do that till i wasnt paying attention one day and put over half a bottle in and man o man did it move like no other i do it pretty often runs great too!! oh yah its a 1999 targa lx with bi-turbo and speed sproket and ,i recomend the next hotter spark plug up it moves man like no other!!

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