eBay help please please !!

Kevin at 420 Vine /

Thanks for stoping to take a look . Here is the deal I'm working off a webtv. set up now and need to leave an email for some one that has parts for sale on eBay and the eBay sight will not let me register with webtv, no room for cookies? My guess? The person selling the parts lives here in my home town Kalamaoo and has a parts bike that he is selling. he is only selling 2 parts on eBay now, 77 Motobecane front fender and throttle ass. The person said in his discription that he had more parts to sell and email him. It would be a God send if some one could send this guy an email and let him know that I NEED the parts and have CASH to PAY to DAY !!! Last time I looked the sale had 1 day left and on page 3. I got hit by a car 10 days ago and this would be GREAT if I could buy the parts local for a quick fix !!! Thanks for your time kevindenning@webtv.com

P.S. 420 is my house #

Re: eBay help please please !!

um ... what's the addrses of the ebay auction?

Re: eBay help please please !!

It's funny, I emailed this guy yesterday offering to help if he could point me in the direction of the auction but he never wrote back... must not be that important to him!


Re: eBay help please please !!

uh, get a e-mail account with hotmail or yahoo. That should work enough for ebay, and they are free.

Re: eBay help please please !!

Hey, I got Webtv and been buying off ebay for about 2 years, you must have the first unit that had no hard drive.... think thats what it`s called. Doug D.

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