need this part

i need a clutch for a 1990 a3 golden bullet tt lx if u have any give me a call at (513)396-7728 i live in norwood ohio

Re: need this part

Well, unless you actually come back to check your post, you won't see this, but since I dislike hit-n-run posts anyhow, that don't matter.

If ya do come back and check, try Ike

And you might wanna spend some time here, learn some stuff about yer ride, and how to keep her in apple pie order.


Re: need this part

ive tried ikes and he said he has one and he wont sell it

Re: need this part

Kevin Harrell /

I think that I am missing something here. Jonathan seems to have done something not too cool. Trike is getting a little surely with him and Ike will not sell him a part he needs. What is next for Jonathan? The grammar police? (I did notice a lack of capitalization and punctuation.)

LOL - Hope I did not just make my self a target.


Well that just strikes me as odd.

There's endless sources in the RESOURCES section of this very site that can get ya an A3 clutch, just a matter of pricing differences and location is all.

Ike having the best prices and being in-state I figured that was the way to go, but I don't see where he wouldn't sell ya one if he had one to sell ?

The mere fact that ya checked back is cool, it bothers me when folks post a request expecting answers emailed to em or whatnot without ever takin the effort to check back for responses here - cause it kinda defeats the info-sharing purpose of the forum, and.. well, ya obviously did check back, so it's all good.

Spend some time with the SEARCH function and you'll find this site extremely useful, especially as a Tomos owner... well worth the time investment.

I hope ya find the clutch, you need info on how to do the swap, just ask. (specify 1st or 2nd gear clutch.)


Re: Erg?

yeh i need some help and it is i think for 1st and 2nd bye the way thanx for the help Jon

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