Puch carburator leak !?

I repare the PUCH MAXI of my freind and his carburator always leak around the float ! The gasket is finish ...

But here in Motreal, parts for moped are very very rare .!

Can i put some sealent produt for gas to stop leaking ???

Or do you have some trick to help me ???

Thank's !

Re: Puch carburator leak !?

just go to an autoparts store or hardware store and get gasket sheets, and cut a size that fits.

Re: Puch carburator leak !?

Actually, sounds like the float needle is sticking.... Take off the float and there is a piece, "float needle", that is used to cut the gas by pluging up the hole that it goes into. There is a little rubber tip on top of the float need. Make sure it is free from tarnish and debris. While your in there go ahead and clean the rest of your car. I usually use a tooth brush with some two stroke gas to clean the float needle. Carb cleaner might damage the rubber tip...

Re: Puch carburator leak !?

moped mike /

I had a hole in my carb the size of new mexico and i used a liquid weld salution,, the salution it used to fix holes in boat's and motorcycle gas tanks, A tube of the stuff cost like 10$ a car quest or canadian tire

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