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My husband and I became the owners of a Tomos Targa Lx (white) and we are trying to figure out what year it is and the size of the engine.

Serial number 903083

Tomos A5 targes

Tomos a52

But we are not sure where to start. The moped looks a lot like this one ---> <URL> </url>

Which worries me cause in the photo comment it says this one was not sold in the usa. The decals look like the ones on our moped.

Please could some one help us out. As soon as we figure this out we can start buying parts to repair it and get her back on the road.

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It should say what year it is on the side id tag under the seat. The motor is a a35. which is 50cc.

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Can you post a couple of photos of yours? I'm sure that someone here can ID it.

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either way you will be able to find parts for it. I doubt its not a US model. in the picture you have as an example I bet your engine looks a little different then the one in the photo. it should be the a35. you will be able to find parts for it pretty easy from places like new. just in case you should post a pic. good luck restoring it!

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Here is an over all shot of the moped.


Re: Tomos Virgin

Re: Tomos Virgin

No sticker under seat.

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I'm positive thats not a 1973. its an early 90's probably Tomos Targa. look at this one

its got the a35 engine on it (50cc). its super easy to find parts for. you can get every single thing for that bike down to the smallest screw from Mopedjunkyard thats where I've been getting my replacement parts.

whats not working on the bike?

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John Joedicke /

Check and see if you have a sticker on the centre post under the handle bars. should have one there at least. It is a A35 engine stock 49cc. Ikes Bikes can help you out with any part. 937 515 0605

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What you have is an early 90's Tomos Targa (not a targa lx), I imagine its something like a 1993 or 1994. It has the A35 motor, which is 50cc with a 2 speed automatic transmission and is oil injected. Its a very common bike and will be easy to locate parts for, you may even have a local dealer. Its a good solid bike with a good engine, this engine was used until something like 2007. It also has a dellorto sha carburetor, which is one of the most common carburetors used on mopeds. It happens to be very simple and easy to service. All in all it should be pretty cheap and easy to get it into top shape.

You can view the repair manual here.

You can also check to see if you have a local tomos dealer.


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Here a picture of the same model for reference. This one is a 1995 Targa.

From your picture it seems that your bike is only missing the side covers and front engine shroud. The engine covers are nice to have but the shroud isn't needed and most people remove it (its purely cosmetic). Your bike also has a targa lx headlight fairing which is slightly wider than the regular targa fairing, minor cosmetic difference, that's all.

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