Need Info on Garelli.Gulp.matic2V.deluxe

Mark OConner /

Im in need of some info on my Garelli i found a pic that looks the same but there are some different accessiores(foot-plates are metal on mine not in pic) if that matters

i want to make it run smoother ex. it idles very rough and some times cuts off. I know hardly anything about Mopeds but i really want to fix it up. Another prob. is it shuts off after about 45 mins of riding and takes another 20+ mins to get it started, i presume its over heating but im not sure. Over all its not alll to reliable and it weighs a ton so i cant go to far from home and i need it to save gas and lessen wear on my 280zx. and 5.56 an hour isn't going to cut it if it breaks down again. Again any info, suggestions, would be extremely helpful thanks for ur time.

Re: Need Info on Garelli.Gulp.matic2V.deluxe

what oil mix are you using? you should mix 2.8-3.0 oz of two-stroke oil per gallon of gas. otherwise, you run a danger of seizing your engine (which might explain the overheating).

go through <a href=>fred's guide</a> and start troubleshooting from there.

what jet do you have in the carb? what size carb? what kind of sparkplug are you using? do you have any performance modifications?

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