LiaHai PowerMax 50 Mods ??

I just bought a new LiaHai Powermax 50 2-stroke scooter. It accelerates pretty good from a dead stop to about 30mph on the speedo, then to go from 30 to 45 to takes about 40 seconds. As soon as it hits around 45mph on the speedo it seems to get another rush of power and accelerate pretty good up to about 60mph on the speedo. Are there any mods I can do to get rid of that huge flat spot between 30 and 40mph? Also, how accurate are the speedo's on these scooters? The speedo says 60mph, but it feels like I'm going around 40 or 45mph. Is that pretty fast for a stock Powermax? What should I do first to get some more power out of it? Thanks

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Are you sure it's mph and not kph?

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Yep, it says MPH right on the speedo. It's got a small little black box in the battery compartment that a friend told me was the electronic rev limiter. I disconected it and it went from running 40mph on the speedo to around 60mph. It feels like it might run a little over 40mph. It just takes forever to get going that fast, it doesn't have hardly any acceleration. And with two people, it's a total pig. I could out run the thing with two people on the scooter. Should I try to "de-restrict" it some more my doing some exhaust and intake mods? Thanks

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I feel really stupid. Your've right, KPH, not MPH. It will run around 40mph, but acceleratesreally slow.

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ItsLookingUp /

Don't you mean LINHAI. A chinese scooter with no source of parts in the US or Canada. A friend bought one for $1,200 then came asking if they got a good deal. I said "It's cute." From what I have heard they have varaitor issues and extremely poor rear brake. The front is hydrolic disc but the disc tends to over heat smoking the brake pads. How much was yours?

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