oh holy mother of acceleration/timing question

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Well tonight I had an urge to get the moped out and ride it despite the 20something degree temps here in chicago. I hadnt ridden it since sometime in november (i usually ride it to school and i can NOT stand cold temperatures in the morning). Previously, before i had put it in the garage last, i had been playing with the timing (by screwing with the point gap). when my flywheel flew off when i first got the bike, i tried to put it up so that the timing mark matched peugeot's specs of 1.5mm BTDC (its a peugeot 103sp btw), but i somehow screwed it up and its about 10 degrees off. So i've been screwing with the timing, trying to get it to line up to an artificial timing mark i painted on (the true timing mark cause the other one's not lined up right). Previously i hooked the bike up to a timing light and started it, observed the marks, adjusted, etc. This time i used a multimeter to tell me when the points seperated exactly without having to start the engine. when i had it about right, i took the moped out, put on my heavy jacket (us army field jacket with warm-as-hell wool liner) hat, gloves and all and started it up. oh my goddamn.. its perfect now. my main complaint with the moped previously was that the acceleration sucked ass.. acceleration this time was perfect. Top speed was the same, 30mph (found this out because a friend of mine just happened to be driving around my neighborhood at 1am and saw me and followed me). Perfect.

And now a question: can anyone tell me what different characteristics different timings might give me (so i dont have to go try them all). I know too retarded or two advanced will both give less power, but what would advancing or retarding the timing a degree or two do?

This single post is part of a larger thread. Start from the top or view this post in context.
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