Yamaha QT bogging down at 75% throttle

david f martin /

Here's how I spent my lunch hour today, trying to solve the problem:

Rinsed the new aircleaner element with carb cleaner. Took off the exhaust, cleaned gunk from around exhaust port on cylinder. Pulled the cable assembly from the top of the carb, pulled the idle and air screws, and blasted the carb with carb cleaner. Blasted the inside of the exhaust with carb cleaner, poked at it with a coat hanger, blew it out with compressed air.

I'm sure this is a simple fix, but haven't found it yet... I haven't test driven it yet (it is raining here in Greenville, SC). I hope to post any improvements (or not) tomorrow... If this doesn't work. I hope some of you gurus out there will help me out.


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