tmi scooter ride

Anyone going to the Three Mile Island Scooter Club ride? They have Rob k doing a moped/ 50cc scooter ride, a long with the big scooter ride. Its like $25, for the ride, a t-shirt, food, camping, and beer. link

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Damn...Wish I knew about this a week ago


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bump, its going to be a nice day to ride, calling for temp in the low 80s

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i wanna come!

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Thanks Dustin, you're right - shirt, ride, foodfest, brew & shenanegans. It's actually $20 + signing of the liability waver. This will be very, VERY well organized, and extremely enjoyable event.

The TMI Scooter Club members welcome all mopeders to attend and ride. There was enough bar-b-que food last year to gag a rhino. The post-ride highlights will also follow again this year (slip and slide, scooter jousting, scooter paintball, and maybe even the ring of fire.)

You mopeders might even see a very familiar face or two if you decide to attend!

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thought i'd bump this 2 year old thread to bring it up for discussion.

there's going to be a tmi scooter rally august 20th at Harrisburg Pa.

a search didn't have anything posted, and events only lists the ghost ride in michigan.

$35 pre registration, $40 at the door, only 150 slots for t shirts, rally packs, food and drinks (beer) + tent camping

Harrisburg is 2.25 hours away for us, 11! hours to michigan.

hate to have the scooter jocks have an event without "true" peds putting in an appearance.

looks to be tons of fun, do you dare show up with a moped?

a ride is a ride

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