Garelli 65cc speed kit... (Ike - do you have it)

Recently my 1980 Garelli Gran Sport started acting up more than usual...I didnt really know what it was but the speed cut down to around 10mph and it was doing really bad. Wouldnt idle, etc. I opened it up and found a damaged cylinder and piston. I realized it might be from putting only 1.5oz of oil per gallon of gas.

Ive been looking around for the best deal on a piston and cylinder. (was hoping to find a piston for around $20-30)...I was thinking. If im going to spend around $40 on a piston...and $80 or so on a cylinder...why not just go with a 65cc Garelli Speed Kit...that would be a better way to go..wouldnt it?

How fast would the speed kit boost the Garelli to? Is there ANYWHERE that has it for under $140? Ive only seen it on

Ike: Do you carry the Garelli speed kit? I know you have great deals. How much does it run for if you do?

Post your thoughts and opinions...Thanks

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Re: Garelli 65cc speed kit... (Ike - do you have i

chuck russo va /

hey ham.....

that wit will work with your stock set up, but u wont get the full potential of that kit unless u get a bogger carb and a high performace exhuast

Re: Garelli 65cc speed kit... (Ike - do you have i

so it wouldnt be worth spending $140 on? im figuring i should get go with that considering the stock piston and cylinder is around $120 or so

Re: Garelli 65cc speed kit... (Ike - do you have i

Ed Chorey /

Mopedwarehouse's link to Polini's web site provides more info. on the 65cc speed kit for the Garelli VIP. It shows a graph that indicates the horsepower doubles from 2.3 to 4.6Hp when upgrading from the 49cc to 65cc.

Does anyone know if the 4.6Hp is with the standard carberator and stand muffler OR do you have to up size the carb & muffler OR do you get even more Hp (> 4.6) with 65cc & bigger carb & performance mugffler?

Re: Garelli 65cc speed kit... (Ike - do you have i

Yeh, that is what I am wondering, I am planning on getting the 65cc kit for Polini. I got the exhuast... ncie stuff./

Re: Garelli 65cc speed kit... (Ike - do you have i


Sorry but , i don`t have the speed kit for your Garelli. And you could not do any better than Mopedwarehouse anyway, but thanks for considering me just the same!


NO1 or VIP?

Which to get for a 1980 Garelli Gran Sport.

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