honda nc50

Hello, just got hold of a 1978 honda nc50 express. I want to build it up 100%. $ not an option. Any big bore kits that will work? exhaust, carbs ect that have been sucessful? Newer motor trans' that will bolt up or somewhat close to it? It's hard to find any info or parts. Any help would be great. Thanks.

Re: honda nc50

You can get 70cc 7 port Parmakits to fit an Express. Exhaust is hack 'n weld as far as I know. Carburetor options seem limited, but you can always bore out stock ones. If you do all of this, think about how you're going to stop at 50mph.

Do it. Put the Express back in Honda Express.

Re: honda nc50

check the performance tuning forum, there is much info there

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