I'll be in town in 2 DAYS!!!! How stoked are you?

Any chance I can get picked up from the airport around 6ish on Wed?

Re: Spokesmans

lucky, i wish i got to go see the spokesmen...

Re: Spokesmans

Super excited; you should come Mike.

So Friday night drive in movie, Ferris Beulers Day Off; and BBQ at my place.

Saturday, breakfast, short morning ride w/hot spring, lunch, long ride w/hot spring to camping along the river near Marble/Redstone.

Sunday long ride back to Glenwood, tubing and hot springs for some, drive back to Denver for others.

Erin got a preference on a loaner?

Re: Spokesmans


I will pick you up between 6 - 6:30. Do you have a place to stay? Just checking. My cell is 720.339.8773. Can't wait to see you again.


Re: Spokesmans

I like any kind of loaner.


Re: Spokesmans

you mean boner!

Re: Spokesmans

I'm way more picky about boners. Especially loaner boners.

Re: Spokesmans

toe fur threadkiller /

sweatpants loaner.

drink some of zack's whiskey for me.

Re: Spokesmans

Seriously Erin, do you still need a ride? If so, let me know what airline and arrival time.


flights n stuffs

Oh snaps! I'll call you this evening when I find out if my bro is gonna stand me up or not :)

Re: flights n stuffs

I've got two bikes to put up as loaners. Vespa Ciao (fast for a ciao) and a SI which isn't so fast right now. Someone email me if i need to make these available.

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