when is it time to rebuild?

i bought my tomos sprint in may. (at 794 miles)

now at 3340 something i feel like i owe my pal (named negro bala) a rebuild before i kit.

taking a small engine class this year at school if it is being offered...

if i dont have it kited by then i will do it in school.

if i already have it done should i rebuild?

should i rebuild BEFORE i kit?

or wait till it all goes to shit?

when is it time to rebuild?

_(named negro bala)_

Seriously? And you admit that in a public forum?

Re: when is it time to rebuild?

its mainly as a joke because my friend calls his car the silver bullet.

p.s. im not racist. it translates to black bullet.... _i think_

Re: when is it time to rebuild?

Rebuild when you kit. Saves some work.

Re: when is it time to rebuild?

You're talking about Spanish, right? Usually in Spanish, they put the adjective after the noun. Also, "bala" is a feminine noun, so it'd be "la bala negra."

But as long as you tell people it's a translation, I think you're okay. Without that information, yeah, it does sound a little... not PC.

As for actually answering the question, my first reaction would be to tell you that unless you have reason to believe something is broken or not working properly, you shouldn't mess with it. Second, I'd say that if you really want a learning experience for your class, then sure, why not? You'll learn, I'm sure.

I'm also not an expert on any of this, so it's highly possible that someone will offer contradictory advice. If they do, I suggest listening to them and disregarding my answer.

Re: when is it time to rebuild?

k cool,

where will i find the stuff needed for this rebuild?

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