Honda Camino/Hobbit questions.

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Okay, Tomorrow I'm picking up a Honda Camino. I have a few questions to ask as I'm drawing a few blanks when it comes to knowledge of this bike.

Like it's Model number isnt a PA50I or PA50II, It's PA50DXVL... What does that make it? (It's 1983 by the way) Is it a I or a II? Or a COMPLETELY different model?

Also, What carb is on this bike? Cause I've been told that the carb and air filter on that bike SERIOUSLY restrict its performance, Is this true?

Another question...

I'm GUESSING the bike is Premix... Am I right? If so, Then can anyone recommend any tips? I've NEVER had to mix it myself before =P

Final question...

What is the top speed of the average camino? I was told 20-25mph... True or false?

Re: Honda Camino/Hobbit questions.

it is prob an equilivent of a pa-50II, it should go 25-30 mph, stock mix is 25:1, pretty rich by todays standards but I use it. I don't know what size carb you have. But in the pa-50I vs pa-50II it does make a difference, I think (don't quote me) it is a 10mm vs a 12mm. Hope this helped a bit. Best of luck!

Re: Honda Camino/Hobbit questions.

Alexander Wilson /

Yeah it helped =)

Heres a pic of it

Re: Honda Camino/Hobbit questions.

yep that is the canadian/european version of the Hobbit. Check the fuel tank for rust, merciffuly these are replaceable, if they are real bad I recomend doing this. The carbs on these are finicky, must be surgically clean for optimum performance. There is a little screen filter in the petcock, when you see it you should be able to figure out how to remove it. Clean this little guy. The pa-50I and pa-50II are due to different speed regs in different states. I do not know if the canadian versions suffered from this. If it is a Pa-50I equivelent it will do 20-25 max. Start with cleaning the tank, then clean the petcock, and then and only then clean the carb. Use fresh fuel if it has been sitting. I think yiou can download the service manual from the moped riders association website. I should cover much of what you have. If you have any questions let me know or ask on repair fourum, there are many on here who know way more than I do, see silverfox, K&R TECH etc..they are very helpful. See my profile pic for pic of My Hobbit. Best of luck!

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