any jawa supreme experts?

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i'm looking at maybe buying a 1982 jawa supreme 3 that is in "fair/poor" condition... missing the carb, brake handle and cable.... etc etc..

so has anyone put on any other kind of carbs on this engine? i can tell that it will take a carb with a lever style choke... so have people put on deltoro carbs? or howabout a bing? and how fast do these go? the owner claims he was able to go 40 on it before the carb got gunked up and he lost it....

what do people think about these jawa top tanks? i'm really into step thrus, not so much into the top tanks... but i might be able to get this ped really cheap....

so yeah opinions? ideas? thanks... chris

Re: any jawa supreme experts?

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i'd also like to add that i did search all the forums for any supreme info.... all i could find is that some people may/may not have added a deltoro carb.... and that the jikov carb is considered junk... and that suppposedly jawas suck ass.

Re: any jawa supreme experts?

from what i gather...

there are more dinosaurs then jawa parts in existance

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