Im new and have alot of questions

Yo I'm calen and I'm getting a moped next week. I know its a tomos but i don't know what kind. Recently I've decided to drive across the country on my moped. I know its been done i just would like some information on how i can map it out. What roads i can legally drive things like that, does anyone have any information for me?

Re: Im new and have alot of questions

I know here in Maryland you can't drive a moped on a road with a posted speed limit above 50mph. Not sure about anywhere else.

Re: Im new and have alot of questions

yeah here in va its roads over 35 we cant drive on. But i know there has to be back ass ways to make it to roads to get to roads, i just dont know how to start to find them

Re: Im new and have alot of questions

If you post a picture, we can probably tell you what kind it is. I don't know if it's relatively new or not, but as a rule of thumb, mopeds break. I hope you're comfortable fixing them, because it'd suck to get halfway across the country and not be able to fix something that breaks.

As for routes, the link on this page is the only thing I've ever heard referenced. No idea if it works, but it's worth a look-see.

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