Optix should have won CGS

Anyone else think sf should have won at cgs? Anyone but salvo at least. I don't know if its just me but I can't stand cocky britain gamers and salvo typefies that. They played well but they were so full of themselves.

Re: Optix should have won CGS

I never play on American servers. I swear, all american admins are powerabusers, same as the germans.

So I just keep playing on UK servers.

As for CGS, I don't know. What game are we talking?

Re: Optix should have won CGS

CGS is the Championship Gaming Series. It is Fifa 08, female player DOA4, male player DOA4, 2v2 Forza, and 5v5 CS Source.

I was mostly talking about CS Source but when I played I tended to stick to a couple servers that happened to be Australian and Midwest and they were great.

Man I miss CS.

Re: Optix should have won CGS

I still play it...

Not too much, 10 hours per week tops during vacations. But competition maps suck, most of the time they play mill, dust2 or aztec. I prefer assault.

Re: Optix should have won CGS

***Vanilla Thunder*** /

if it aint street fighter it aint shit.

Re: Optix should have won CGS


omg i love the map dust

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