Moped GPS project

On my to-do list this summer was mount my GPS onto my maxi. Nate Bandit had a similar GPS unit to this one mounted on his hobbit, and I quickly fell in love with the idea and bought my own. I'm not innovative, what can I say. All sorts of ideas went into my head of how to mount it and were, and none of the ideas were any good, because I wanted to retain the factory dash mount because it is nice for the wife and myself to take in car trips. So that meant no grinding or cutting the original plastic parts. Then today as I realized it was my last day to do something about it other than dream, the idea came to me at lunch and I came home and knocked this thing out in literally 5 minutes.

The GPS can clip into and out of the bracket easily, and the bracket can remain on the bike when not in use, but can come out with one screw if we need to use the GPS with the windshield mount in the car. It runs off internal lithium batteries, and lasts about 4 hours of solid use with the backlight. With the light off it last much longer, and charges from USB.I can do bike routes, points of interest like gas stations and food, it gives me distance, ETA and speed as well. I love this thing, it is useful, but more importantly, a cool gadget.

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Here is a picture of the bracket. I drilled and tapped the handle bar clamp for the bracket to mount to.

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Wow thats awesome!

I'm still finishing my bike, and a gps is somewhere on the to do list, I may adapt your idea!

I'm thinking about crafting a faring for my bike, and making an entire small dash setup, with a gps mount in it, as well as a kill switch and headlight switch.

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not to be a wiener, but I hope you got the protection plan on that bad boy... the standard GPS's aren't good with vibrations.

but that looks AWESOME, just wanted to give ya a heads up on the vibration thing, but im going to copy that idea anyway. I don't trust my speedo.

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that'd be sweet.

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nice work Phil

whan are you moving?

and more inportantly will you make it to the buffalo boys rally?

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I'm packing the trailer as we speak. I'm moving to Seattle this week, sadly no Buffalo Boys rally.


I got it on closeout so it was cheap enough, it seems very sturdy, but we will see how it holds up. Not for everyday use but special trips.

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a high fallutent posing as rafter /

i mounted mines with a healthy strip of industrial stregnth velcro. its only come close to falling off once. it doesnt vibrate and is easily detachable.

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AH! Nice 1!

i have been thinking of doing this too with a htc tytnII (refurbished at&t tilt) running google maps, and mounting it on the headlight bucket on my express. have been looking around at the mounts for my phone at amazon, but haven't come across one that will allow landscape mode with the screen. i didn't even think about the vibrations, that might be a killer of lcd screens.

i imagine "built for gps" devices are pretty rugged over all though.

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ahh, still rocks, i'm going to find one cheep and just stick it on there and never take it off.. well maybe in the rain.

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garmin makes ones for motorcycles. smaller more rugged and have bar mounts.

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cool. I'm shoping right now, what model is that and would you reccommend it? does it record top speed?

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anything garmin.

tom toms have software problems

garmin zomos and street mates are motorcycle ones

the nuvi 350 is what i have. and its dope. records top speed, sdcard mp3 player and shit, and cheap for what it is. better batt. life than the 200 and 260s and lesser models.

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my explorist 210 does all of that and more. No color in the screen unfortunately. For $100 including the bracket from a discount online store, you can't beat it.

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This is a Mio C230, I got it on closeout for $120. It does not record top speed, so you would have to look and see for yourself how fast you are going. I do like it an awful lot, and it runs a modified version of windows, and you can hack it if you are into that sort of thing, run all kinds of apps and other things, but I just want it for mopeds.

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i just tokk a digital bike speedo and i mounted it on there. very effictive. i used my bros gps so configure the bike speedo. i want to get some under glow for my ped.

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