The $50 cub is ALIVE!

I posted a couple of weeks ago that I got a '66 Honda 50 for $50 and was just waiting for the key to see if I could make it run.

Well, I got the key on Wednesday and by Saturday, the ol' girl was rolling. I wasn't getting good spark to the plug so my dad and I pulled the flywheel off and found some rust inside keeping the magneto from working right. After a little emery cloth, reassambly, and three or four pumps on the kickstart, the cub was purring like the last 20 years of sitting out dormant never happened!

We did booger up the carb a bit when we were cleaning it up so it will need a new throttle slide... as it is, the slide won't quite close all the way so the engine floods a bit if you're not managing the throttle constatntly. We also smashed up the clip that held the idle pin in place.

Anyway, the important thing is, everything is really working great. If you all haven't seen it yet, you should really look up this video on YouTube... it's a discovery channel clip about the best motorcycles of all time. The Honda Cub is #1! They put it through hell trying to prove that the thing can't hardly be destroyed. Check it out!

I'll keep you all posted as the cub gets revived. Now that I know she runs, I am willing to spend a little to make it look as good as it runs!

Re: The $50 cub is ALIVE!

$50? Thats quite the score there you lucky bastard! I thought I did good at $150. Ha!

sweet vid btw, thanks

Re: The $50 cub is ALIVE!

I think I found a Honda bike I actually like.

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