Bicycle Danger in NYC--a little rant

Marilou /
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Hey there moped riders in NYC...I'm on a crusade right now as I nurse my broken leg. My crusade is against bicyclists--not ALL bicylists, but those who think traffic laws do not apply to them. Worst offenders tend to be food delivery riders; but there is nothing more dangerous for those of us riding to the right of traffic (bike and moped riders alike!) than the unexpected bicylist right in front of you travelling into oncoming traffic. I was forced into the curb by such a biker, thrown into traffic and three months and counting of recovery: still on two crutches! All traffic, cars, scooters and BIKES need to travel in the same direction---one way streets apply to bikes too, traffic lights and stop signs are for bikes too, and sidewalks are never for bikes. I'm a big bike rider too--or at least I use to be--but I've been hit by errant bike riders four times as a pedestrian, and now have had a serious traffic accident caused by one. I miss my moped and hope that I won't be too freaked to ride it again. As I travel to work in a car service --the only way I can travel right now, I've see SO MANY violators on bicycles! and a couple of bike on bike collisions--caused again by some idiot traveling into oncoming traffic--or my favorite coming up the wrong way on a one way street and turning left into oncoming traffic! HUGE hazard for moped riders and bicyclists alike! Join me in pushing for more enforcement of traffic rules on bike riders in the city. As more and more people turn to two wheeled alternatives with the high cost of gas, everyone has to follow the rules so we all stay safe on the road!

This single post is part of a larger thread. Start from the top or view this post in context.

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