what does "hardwiring" a moped mean

someone suggested removing my factory switches and hardwiring

I'm assuming this doesn't mean removing the switches altogether...

Re: what does "hardwiring" a moped mean

I think it means getting all the unnecessary switches, controls, and lighting out of the circuit. I think it is used when troubleshooting electrical problems.

Re: what does "hardwiring" a moped mean

its basically just removing all of your accessories and switches, and wiring the bike so that the lights are always on. it removes any electrical fail safes and eliminates the chances of having any electrical ghosts. the down side is you dont have brake lights anymore, just a running tail light.

what kind of bike do you have? if its a moby, read this break>

if its a puch, read this break>

anything else and you will just have to read your wiring diagram and figure it out. although if its a garelli i can draw you up a quick diagram.

Re: what does "hardwiring" a moped mean

anything can be hard wired or simplified, it just takes patience and some thought.

Re: what does "hardwiring" a moped mean

very simple on most bikes, until you start getting into batteries and LEDs does the world get sketchy

I can post you a hard-wiring for Puch and Batavus m48

Re: what does "hardwiring" a moped mean

i have a magnum and this came up while discussing alternative kill switches. I don't see how hardwiring would take care of the kill switch...I'd definitely still want one.

So hardwiring my bike would eliminate the headlight switch, and brakelight switches? Couldn't take the headlight switch off though since I'd still like a horn.

Hmm, I don't think this is what I'm looking for. I would like to rewire the bike but I'd rather just replace fragile Puch switches with something cheap, common, and robust.

My other issue is that I'd like to keep the factory wiring colors but I don't know where to get all the right colors.

Ugh, i will probably just end up doing this piecemeal and just replacing the busted stuff. (headlight doesnt work, horn kills the bike, killswitch has a broken base)

Re: what does "hardwiring" a moped mean

you can buy all wiring colors from home depot.

Switches are readily available from radio shack.

Many mopeds ground the horn wires out through the headlamp, check your connections

Re: what does "hardwiring" a moped mean

I was thinking about hardwiring my bike but it doesn't really matter. My bike is so simple from the start. Hell, my wiring block has only 6 connections and I think I only run one ground lol.

Re: what does "hardwiring" a moped mean

in most cases, hardwiring means getting rid of all the connectors, and soldering everything.

With mopeds, it's usually eliminating anything you don't want or need, like the headlight switch, or changing the wiring so the engine won't die when the taillight goes out.

Re: what does "hardwiring" a moped mean

Re: what does "hardwiring" a moped mean

That's David First Kick's diagram in the Magnum wiring thread off of the hardwiring Wiki. It's what I've been going by.

Re: what does "hardwiring" a moped mean

I personally pretty much eliminate everything on my daily driver.

No lights, horn, switches of any sort. All those are just things about to leave you on the side of the road.

One wire for the ignition and thats it. Everything else is grounded. To kill the engine I just cover the intake to choke it.

For tail and headlights I use super bright battery operated LEDS.

Some might argue taking away the vintage look without the headlights and stuff. Again, I do this for my daily driver that is a commuter.....has not ever given me issues for the last year or so.

Re: what does "hardwiring" a moped mean

***Vanilla Thunder*** /

huh? i always leave the lights on and working after a hardwire.

Re: what does "hardwiring" a moped mean

Eliminate the headlight?

That won't ruin the look, it'll ruin the see.

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