Saying Hello

Hey Moped Army Fourm!

I just got a new account and I want to say hello to marvyhi and educatetheyouth. They are some people that I know... that you know.... ride mopeds. So, hello to you both. Also, hello to the rest of the MOPED ARMY!

As the saying goes...Live fast Ride slow.



(if this was too cheesy...well I apologize)

Re: Saying Hello


Re: Saying Hello

hay, have fun riding.

Re: Saying Hello

hi back.

Re: Saying Hello

▣ß@ηℊℙℐṔ∃▣ ™ /

ride slow die old?

Re: Saying Hello

ride 50 die 50?

Re: Saying Hello

▣ß@ηℊℙℐṔ∃▣ ™ /

lol moped mo problems?

Re: Saying Hello

die old ride mopeds

or how about

mo-peds mo-taco bell

taco bell, tastes like hell

monterey? don't mind if i do.

hello kitty hello shoe

scooby doo.

hello to you

merry christmas

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