Chicago HELP!- MOped Stolen! Asshat!

Hey guys, my moped was stolen. I had a u-lock (onguard lock) that was totally broken.

It was stolen on Western just north of the green line.

it is a PUCH newport. Tan, with a big ol' brown seat. The seat has a u shaped rip on it. The headlight is pretty scraped up on the left side (if you are sitting on the bike-left). THe gaurd is broken on the left side.

-i have more identifying marks on it too....

If you guys see it, or know anything about it call me at 224.623.1491.

Im guessing its a fat chance that this will be the way that i find it.... but heres hoping!


Chicago HELP!- MOped Stolen! Asshat!

oh also, does anyone have the ins on getting a lock company to compensate for their faulty lock...

Re: Chicago HELP!- MOped Stolen! Asshat!

some do and some don't, If its an old and cheap lock its your fault it got busted. But check there web site

Re: Chicago HELP!- MOped Stolen! Asshat!

Fucking thief assholes, I want to attach a tazer to mine, hidden in the seat, with a secret arm/disarm switch, and hidden circuitry. 150,000 volts to their balls I say!!!

Re: Chicago HELP!- MOped Stolen! Asshat!

i would do that but i know i would forget to disarm it :P

Re: Chicago HELP!- MOped Stolen! Asshat!

No! Big Brown! I bought that ped from MopedLar in New Jersey about 2 years ago. Sad to see it get stolen, I loved it!

Re: Chicago HELP!- MOped Stolen! Asshat!

yeah. it was pretty amazing. The crazy thing, is that i bought it before i even met it. But when we met, it was love at first site. Im totally out of money. Like none, i cant buy another moped...... really bummed. Think i am going to call into work on monday. It will be a day of mourning. And also of searching. Who knows what might come up.....

Thinking, that since i am pretty poor, what i might try is buying something i can fix up. Give some serious moped maintenance a try.... but not sure if that will end up costing the same amount....


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