LB80 Chappy with pedals?

Did they ever make an LB80 (80cc) chappy with the pedals that you could actually pedal to go?

I have seen a lot of LB50 (50cc) Chappys with the pedals, but never an LB80. I have a guy offering me what he says is an 80cc Chappy, but it has the crank pedals instead of footrests like I've always seen on the 80cc bikes.

It's all the way across the country so I can't look at it myself.

Thanks in advance for any advice!

Re: LB80 Chappy with pedals?

It sounds like he has an LB50 to me.

One other thing I have noticed is the muffler.

the LB80 has a skinny end pipe, the LB50 has a fat end pipe.

That sounds counter intuitive but thats the way it is.

Oh yeah, I have a real LB80 for sale too, but I'm in Maine

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