Mopeds illegal in Baltimore?

So my brother was perusing the MVA website looking for information about Mopeds, and down at the bottom of the page it said that "Motorscooters" are illegal in baltimore. I searched and found Baltimore City Code Article 19 Subpart 40 and sure enough, the cops can seize your moped if you ride it anywhere in the city. Does anyone else know about this? Has anyone seen a police officer actually enforce it? What's the dill?

Re: Mopeds illegal in Baltimore?

Leon Swarmer /

There was a discussion about this a few months ago. you might do a search.


Re: Mopeds illegal in Baltimore?

I remember seeing the topic within the last 2 weeks but can't find it with the search.

Re: Mopeds illegal in Baltimore?

In SF "motorscooters" are the things with 6" wheels and 30cc motors like the scooter arty mcfly stole off those little girls in back to the future 2 then broke off the handlebars and made it a hoverboard.... well without the hover ability that is.

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Yeah, you have to define the terminology.

In California there are:

Motorcycles, anything above 150cc

Mororized cycles anything 149cc and down except for:

Motorized bicycles: What the DMV calls what we recognize as a true moped

Motorized scooters: what is notmally called a goped.

Check your Baltimore municipal code for the definition of a


Re: Mopeds illegal in Baltimore?

Re: Mopeds illegal in Baltimore?

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