Is this worth buying???

Doesn't sound like she knows much about the bike, or if it is running. I'm sure i'd still have to put a couple hundred into the thing. Is it worth spending 800 bucks for this bike?

Re: Is this worth buying???

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looks nice but i wouldn't pay more than 300 for a non-running Moby (if it actually is non-running)... they're not the best choice for a newbie to start wrenching on, imho. but if you are mechanically inclined then by all means jump on it. plenty of Moby folks here to commiserate with here if it becomes troublesome.

good luck.


Re: Is this worth buying???

thanks, that is what i thought. i would like to get one that is running. i am going to go to this old shop called myrons mopeds and just spend the extra money on one that is running and in good condition..... the hell with all these over priced non running bikes in southern california....

Re: Is this worth buying???

She says in the ad, that the bike is not running, but her son "almost" got it running. If that at least means it tried to fire up, then thats a good sign. Can you check it out in person? The old chrome mopeds, have that extra eye appeal, that makes them more desirable. Offer her $400. If you know someone that has a knack for price bargaining, get them involved. Good luck.

Re: Is this worth buying???

Its over an hour away from me. I don't want to drive that far unless i really want it, and or the thing is running. Driving to Riverside is a pretty crappy drive.

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