Mixed gas moped trips

I was wondering how easy it is to take a long trip with a moped that has mixed gas?

Is the only way to have something strapped to your bike to mix right at the pump? If you have one tell me how you take long trips. Thanks

Re: Mixed gas moped trips

be able to do math on the fly. 50-1 is 2.6 oz per gallon or something like that anyway,

so bring two stroke with you and measure it to the amount of gas your putting in.

thats what i do. then i shake the shit out of the ped to mix just in case.

Re: Mixed gas moped trips

shit, i half read that, didn't mean to make it sound like a HOW-TO.. just thast what i do.

Re: Mixed gas moped trips

I use a two ounce film cannister I keep in my tool kit area.

When I get to about a quarter tank I pur it in then fill it for abouut 35 to one (my tank holds about a gallon.

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