pictures of my casal please help

Here is my motor.. It has a Bing carb.. -R thought it might be a minerilli... what you think now Ree... is it? I have no clue..

It is a 2 speed grip shift manual with a clutch.

The back brake is a coaster brake.. like on a bmx.. you pedal back to slow down a quick jolt will mkake the tire squeel. hehe


heres a picture of the whole thing

i like this picture.. man the bike is sweet.. what you guys think.. ever seen a moped like this? I don't like a whole bunch if top tanks.. but doens't this look like some sort of mini yamaha or something? It's too cool.

Ps.... the damn sandle bags got messed up and in heaven now.


heres anouther picture

I wish I could type better.. I wrote sandel bag in the other post.. gah!

this one is coming at ya.


the other side

heres the other side.. I bet don would like the windshield..

you should seme on this thing with my vintage helmit and goggles.. it rox


Re: the other side

it is a automatic 50cc?

here is the back

This is the back of the moped...

don't foget.. it no longer has saddle bags.

I gotta find a set like that.. they were just too cool..


some quick questions.. while i have you attention.. my light switch has 3 positions..

Low... Off and Low..... wtf.. why is this?

Second.. I am needing the replace the front shock covers.. they are about an inch and a half wide probly 4 or 5 inches long.. anyone have a place thatm ight have a genreric set?

and 3rdly... wha tyou guys think of this damn thing?

I want to do some small upgrades... and all it run really nice other then it idles for 2 minutes then will stall unles syou gie it a lil gas to keep it runnig.. other then that it runs Awesome.. and is totaly Stock.

Re: here is the back

chuck russo va /

maybe a quick boot from pep boys, i think i saw a ped liek that on ebay awhile back i liked it but it was too far away


Crisis.. it is 49.9 cc and is a manual shift 2 speed.. I hear they are made with 1, 2 and some 4 speed versions.

the carb a Bng says 70 inscribed on it and 17 .notsure what this means... the exhuast is alot bigger then most peds i have seen.. more then a pencil width too... I can get it to about 40 ish on a good day. here lately though.. 36 ...

I put some thicker then it asked for Trans oil in it.. becuase I couldn't find straight 80 wieght.. I put 95w140 or something.

Re: Crisis...

ps can someone move those to the directory for me?

I will scan the manual too.

Re: heres a picture of the whole thing


That bike is neat looking !! I have never seen one like that?

You need to trade that in on IkesBikes!!!!!!!!!lol!!

I have some new Tomos fork boots!! They may work ??


some info I found

wow this book even though it is war torn .. is a agem.. i had to get a maganfyin glass but found out tha tmy casal model is a K196 US

so.. Metalurgia Casal K196 Us

stats air cooled 49.9cc engine

compresion 1:8.5

bore 40x39.7mm

power 1, 1.5, 2hp(I gues sit could be one of 3 choices)

weight 55 kg.. I think 121 pounds.

plug bosch w225t1

gear oil sae 80 ep constant mesch gear in wedge formation

carb bing 1.17

magento bosh 6 v 25w

feul petrol and oil 30W 30:1 mixture

brakes 120mm hubs

purchase date 8/11/79


special street racing tires 39.95sadlebags and Cateye dealer installed 60.00


$833.97 pretty price ped for back then.. lol

Re: some info I found

Ike you aint getting my stinkin moped...

old school rules

I often wonder why do you see so many of our peds with problems... man the same 20 year old motorcycles aren't reakng down as much. are moped just so simple and normaly thought of as a toy they weren't takng care of and more abused.. or are they just plain and simple.. cheaper no onwexpxted then to be around this long so they weren't built but for a few years in mind? just curious?

i guess that hsould have been on anouther topic.. imglad you guys like thebike. I think it is a pretty dang cool

Not a Minarelli

Reeperette /

I do believe that to be a Zundapp engine, similar to their other 50cc motors mounted on various mid-late 70's motorcycles.

It looks like maybe a smaller version of the Gts50 motor, but exact model, I would not know.

I have..."problems" on my hands right now..get back with ya later...



Dan Webber Kastner /

It looks at lot like a garelli engine to me.


Re: Garelli?

try mobil synthetic 80/90 gear lube. can get it at autozone, $6.99. more expensive than standard crap, but you get what you pay for. a bike that old needs some TLC. might bring it back up from that 36 back to 40 even... thinner oil, less mechanical resistance, but better protection and longer service life.


I believe Reeperette is correct. Check out the Head, Airbox and carb on this 48 cc Zundapp engine.

Zundapp - correction to link

Go here

scroll down right under the WEB RING logo and click on <b>KS50</b> and then <b>KM48 Motor.</b>or <b>Typ 278</b> Tp 278 looks like the same form factor and it has a Bing carb

Re: Zundapp

Doc Holliday /

I was checking out the pictures of the Zundapp girlies, the hell with the engine!

Re: Zundapp

Reeperette /

Nice, umm..headlights...on that Zundapp.

Does it come with the babe ?


Re: Zundapp

nice ped duck!!!! paul

Re: Crisis...

I bet it has a 17mm bing carb on it.....Man that sound like a winner. Manual two speed with pedals! It's like a dream. Hold on to that bike Duck!

It's a Zundapp

yeah, that is what it is Zippy...It's obvious from the pics.

Re: It's a Zundapp

well I did read that Zundapp baught Casal Out in the early 80's. I wasn't sure if it was true but somone emaile dme and toldme that... so it makes since.

Can you get zundapp shit.. an dperformance Parts.?

Re: It's a Zundapp

I wish there was a way to cross refrence the casal's model number the k196 to find wha tthe zundapp would be.

Man it looks like a 1000 mustang or the cobra sorta of.. but i think the closest i found was this one... but this is a 175

wsh my moped motor was that big cheak out the head on that thing! other then that this is the body tha tmos tlooks like mine.


Re: It's a Zundapp

Damn.. I bet i can get parts for these mopeds... I hope the hell soo.... Mine is alot older then the ones on that page.. most of the 50's are near early 80's model zundapps.. mine is a 70 model. I guess that is why the exhuast is run a diffrne't way on mine from the cobras and mustangs and such.. other then that it looks like like all the later model cobra 800's and 1000's

and the gts50 you right ree.

I wonder if they changed exhuast becuase it was neater looking.. or if it was a perfromace upgrade? I prefer it to be where mine is rather then higher up. that owuld be a nasty burn! wow im excited.. I found some info!!! thanks guys.. kep it coming.

iwant to buy parts if i can find any... I cna't read german though!!!

I'm going to go play around some with it.. has the engine cover and everything off right now checking out the points.. ill be back.. thanks agian guys

Re: It's a Zundapp

Reeperette /

There's only 2 Zundapp engines that could possibly be.

I don't think it's actually a Gts50, just similar, sooo..

The CS-50 or the KS-50.

And yer in luck, carries parts for either one.

You could ask them more about it and probably narrow it down, cause of all people, it's most likely they WOULD know.


Re: It's a Zundapp

Don't let Chris from MWH read your post Ree...:)

Hahaha, let him.

Reeperette /

If he's got Zundapp parts and knows what kinda engine that is specifically ? He can feed me all the humble pie he'd like.

I don't see that happenin tho.

Besides, you wanna see serious blasphemy, check my response to Daily Commuter's post.

Heh, I just tell it like it is...


Zundapp Combinette/ZR50 ?

Reeperette /

The pictures imma lookin at are kinda fuzzy, but it appears to be closest to the Combinette motor, whether that be CS-50 or HS-50, I dunno.

Try to find out tho..

I'm Booooooooooored...


Positive ID, and Parts Availability.

Reeperette /

It's a CS-50 engine, and not only is likely to have parts for it, I stumbled on this site as well.

Here's a pic of a CS-50 for comparison.

So now you know - ain't this site great ?...seems no matter how obscure it is, someone here knows, more often than not.



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