Re: Hahaha, let him.

Ree-- I havent read through this thread, but I totally agree with your response to commuter.

It is MUCH better to suggest something that will fill their needs than encourage them to get a moped they might not like.

I've responded to a few others in similar fashion reading their posts, it seemed they were curious about mopeds, but wanted them to be higher performance and reliable enough for day to day commuting AND long running life with no rebuilding.

In addition, many people call "scooters" mopeds, just because they are 50cc...

so a post "what's the best new moped" might mean "What's the best new 50cc machine"

No blasphemy--! the last thing we need is people going around saying "I bought a new moped, it was a nightmare, I hated it...."


Re: heres a picture of the whole thing

cool lookin ped.....hows it ride??

Re: heres a picture of the whole thing

Thanks Dave.. its ride really well.. I enjoy the crap out of it.. kinda mysterious.. it is a 1970 MetalUrgia Casal K196 (us version)

has a 17 mm bing carb on it with a number 70 jet. I think the bike screams.. sometimes it gets 40 mph. but normaly around 36 or so. I know the bike is comepletely stock and I am thinking about doing some minor mods to it..

I scrapped cabon off the cylender and check the piston bore.. smooth as a baby's ass.. it was really nice in there...

the head was equaly clean.. a little crap in teh exhuast port.. but not to bad.. I really would like to get an whole new performance pipe for it.

turns out that Casal was the Clone of zundapp.. made in portugual.. I havn'et found much info on casal's but there is a plethora of info about zundapps..

The bike handles like a motorcycle.. only it is much slower.. it is very peppy and has alot of torque.. no an insnae amount of torque.. you can pop the clutch and almost pop a wheelie without snatching the handle bars up.

It has great sport tires on it that came orginaly.. they stil look brand new....I can't ifnd a plug thugh.. bosch w225t1? wtf is this equivinlent too? I'm using a W5 now seem to be runnig fine. I have problem keeping the thing at idle.. have to give it a touch of gas or it stalls but other hten that its great.

Re: heres a picture of the whole thing

Bosch W225T1 is a little colder than W175T1. W225T1 is close to NGK B7HS. W175T1 is close to B6HS.


Re: heres a picture of the whole thing

so a 5 is to hot.. I should back down 2 plugs?

Re: heres a picture of the whole thing


You can chop and see if the plug looks golden brown. If it is and runs ok, I would keep it the same. If it looks light or blistered, a step or two cooler is worth trying.

The higher power versions of a given type of moped engine generally use colder plugs, all else being the same. The 2HP for my Batavus uses a W240 whereas the 1 HP uses a W175 (essentially same engine, but bigger carb on the 2HP). Generally, a colder plug is used if you run the bike open throttle most of the time.

The Casa looks like a neat bike.


Re: heres a picture of the whole thing

plug always is black and kinda wet looking

it never idles at a stop.. i have screwed the ilde screw allthe way in doen'st change anything.. screwedall the way out and doens't change anything.. not sure what else to do

Re: heres a picture of the whole thing

You can look in the carb inlet while you adjust the idle screw and see if the slide moves up and down. Sometimes the idle screw wears a groove in the slide and won't push it up as far.

Sounds like the engine is running a bit rich. The appearance of the plug will depend on when the chop was done. If you turn off the engine at open throttle, the plug may look different than chopping at idle.

You may be able to get by with a higher fuel/oil ratio with 2-cycle oil compared with ordinary 30W. The plug may look wetter with 30:1 30W. Some excess oil is safer than too little, though.


Idle setting

Duck does the Bing have an adjuster on top of the carb where the throttle cable goes into the elbow pipe?

If it does, try screwing the adjuster to the left or counter clockwise to see if the engine RPMs increase a bit so it doesn't die at stop signs.

Re: Idle setting

You know what Zippy.. I have no clue actualy.

I will have to look at a picture or try to find out tommorrow.

I live about 20 minutres from my girlfriends house on the lake. I leave my bike there most itmes becuase it is so much nicer to ride around the lake then around here in the middle of trashy town... I'll check it out.. but honestly I dont think so.. seems to me the only hting i remembe ron top is a manual choke button you can press down.. on the other side there is a primer.. thats all I remember being up there.

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